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A 5th wheel is a trailer which hooks up to the back of a pickup truck. It’s designed in a way that makes towing stable and smooth. When hiring a 5th Wheel Transport company like Amerigo, You are hiring professionals who can coordinate and assign carriers for you everyday needs.


At Amerigo, We know the ins and outs of securing your 5th wheel. No need to stress about navigating those tight corners or long stretches of highway. We will take care of the move and make it as easy and timely for you. Whether you’re moving a short distance or going ross-country, We got the transport methods covered. All you have to worry about is showing up to receive your 5th wheel trailer upon arrival.

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  • Local Moves: These are like quick hops within your city or nearby towns. If you’re shipping your 5th wheel from one campground to another or just relocating within a short distance, We got it covered. 

  • Long-Distance Hauls: Got big travel plans and need your 5th wheel to go the distance? We specialize in moving trailers across states or even from coast to coast. We handle the logistics, navigation, and everything in between.

  • Cross-Country Adventures: If you’re moving your life and your 5th wheel to a completely new part of the country, cross-country transport services will be needed. We’ve got the experience to navigate the highways and byways, ensuring your trailer arrives safely and on schedule.

  • Specialty Transport: Have a super-sized 5th wheel or a unique trailer that needs special handling? Our carrier network has the equipment and expertise to handle oversized or extra-heavy trailers, making sure they’re moved securely.

  • Seasonal Moves: Some folks like to follow the sun or embrace different climates at different times of the year. We can help you migrate with the changing weather. Whether it’s going from sunny beaches in winter to cool mountains in summer.

  • Emergency Moves: Life can throw curveballs, right? If you need to move your 5th wheel in a hurry due to unforeseen circumstances, We can spring into action and move it. We prioritize your urgent needs, ensuring your trailer gets where it needs to be ASAP.

  • Dealer-to-Owner Deliveries: When you’re buying a brand-new 5th wheel from a dealer located far away, dealer-to-owner delivery services step in. We can make sure your shiny new trailer arrives at your doorstep, all set for your next adventure.

  • Storage-to-Site Moves: Sometimes, you might need to move your 5th wheel from a storage facility to a campsite or vacation spot. we have services that handle this kind of move, ensuring your trailer goes from its resting place to your chosen destination smoothly.

  • Rally and Event Transport: RV rallies, shows, and events are fantastic ways to connect with fellow enthusiasts. We can help you get your 5th wheel to these gatherings, so you can join the fun and show off your setup.

  • Corporate Relocation: If your job or business takes you to a new location, corporate relocation transport services come into play. We will take care of moving your 5th wheel, making sure it’s ready for you to settle into your new surroundings.

  • Snowbird Transport: When the winter chill hits, some folks head south to warmer climates – known as the “snowbirds”. Amerigo can help you migrate smoothly, whether it’s to a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beachfront paradise.

  • Vacation Rental Setup: Renting out your 5th wheel as a vacation rental can be a great idea. Amerigo can transport your trailer to the rental site, making sure everything’s good to go for your guests.

  • Boondocking Adventures: Boondocking, or camping off the grid, is a growing trend. We know how to get your 5th wheel to those remote, nature-filled spots where you can truly disconnect and recharge.

  • RV Shows and Expos: If you’re showcasing your 5th wheel at an RV show or expo, you’ll likely need to transport it there. We also specialize in getting your trailer to these events, so you can display it for potential buyers or fellow enthusiasts.

  • Scenic Route Transport: Some folks want to experience the journey as much as the destination. We can plan routes that take in breathtaking views and points of interest, making your move an unforgettable adventure.

  • Military Moves: Military families often need to move frequently due to deployments or relocations. Amerigo understands the unique needs of these moves and provide the support necessary to get your 5th wheel to your new home.

  • Custom Route Planning: Sometimes, you might have a specific route in mind for your 5th wheel journey. We will work with you to map out the path you want to take, making your move truly tailored to your preferences.

  • Multiple Trailer Transport: Have more than one 5th wheel or trailer to move? We are experts at coordinating the movement of multiple trailers, making sure everything arrives at the right place and time.

  • Vintage Trailer Restoration: If you’re restoring a vintage 5th wheel and need it transported to a workshop or specialist, Our transport services carefully handle these older trailers to ensure their preservation.

  • Horse Trailer Transport: Some 5th wheels are designed for hauling horses. Horse trailer transport services specialize in moving these unique trailers, making sure your four-legged friends travel safely and comfortably.

  • Tiny Home Moves: Tiny homes on wheels, including 5th wheel configurations, have become popular. Tiny home transport services are equipped to move these compact living spaces to new locations, giving you the freedom to live where you choose.

  • Film and TV Shoots: If your 5th wheel is a star on screen, film and TV shoot transport services help you transport it to shooting locations, ensuring it’s ready for its close-up.

  • Retirement Community Moves: When it’s time to transition to a retirement community, retirement community transport services assist with moving your 5th wheel, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation.

  • National Park Adventures: Exploring national parks with your 5th wheel is a dream for many. National park transport services know how to navigate park regulations and transportation logistics, so you can enjoy the natural beauty without any worries.

  • Custom Trailer Modifications: If your 5th wheel needs modifications or upgrades before transport, custom trailer modification transport services can handle the changes and then transport the trailer to its destination.

  • Mobile Business Moves: Running a mobile business out of your 5th wheel? Mobile business transport services can move your trailer to different locations, allowing you to take your business on the road.

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5th Wheel Transport Cost

The cost of a 5th wheel transport service can vary depending on a few factors. Think of it like ordering something online – the price can change based on what you’re getting and where you’re sending it. Its a simple concept and we try to make the pricing as transparent as possible.


For example, you’re moving your 5th wheel just a few miles down the road, that might be less pricey than hauling it across the country. Longer distances mean more time, more fuel, and potentially more tolls or fees, all of which can add up. The 5th wheel type also plays a role. Bigger trailers need powerful trucks to tow them, which can affect the cost.


Just like booking a flight or a hotel, prices can vary depending on when you need the transport service. A Tuesday isn’t going to be cheaper than a Friday, But different seasons or times a year play a roll in pricing. Busy seasons or last-minute requests might come with a higher price tag.


On average, you might be looking at anywhere from a few hundred to a ten thousand dollars for a 5th wheel transport service. Remember, this is a ballpark estimate and it can swing both ways up or down based on the factors we talked about earlier.


If you want a live market price, it is always best to reach out directly online through our quote form or give us a call. We will always make sure to give you the most competitive pricing and set proper expectations of the service. 

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