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Amerigo stands as the best auto transport company in Alaska, renowned for our exceptional services. Our dispatch team is unmatched, ensuring seamless coordination and timely deliveries. We prioritize the safety of your vehicles by transporting them in their dedicated containers within the belly of a ship. We gaurntee great quality service any time you use our car shipping services state to state.

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The Price To Ship A Car From Alaska

Destination Distance Estimated Transit Time Quote
Alaska to California 2,400 miles 7 - 12 days Quote
Alaska to Texas 3,150 miles 12-14 days Quote
Alaska to New York 3,500 miles 10 - 14 days Quote
Alaska to Florida 4,100 miles 14 - 21 days Quote
Alaska to Washington 2,500 miles 8 - 10 days Quote
Alaska to Illinois 3,000 miles 9 - 12 days Quote
Alaska to Colorado 2,200 miles 9 - 11 days Quote
Alaska to Arizona 3,100 miles 10 - 12 days Quote
Alaska to Pennsylvania 3,400 miles 14 - 21 days Quote
Alaska to Hawaii 2,400 miles 21 - 35 days Quote

The Most Popular Alaska Transport Routes

Alaska to Seattle Auto Transport

Alaska to Portland Auto Transport

Alaska to Los Angeles Auto Transport

Alaska to San Francisco Auto Transport

Alaska to San Diego Auto Transport

Alaska to Oakland Auto Transport

Alaska to Phoenix Auto Transport

Alaska to Tempe Auto Transport

Alaska to Scottsdale Auto Transport

Alaska to Arizona Auto Transport

Alaska to Chicago Auto Transport

Alaska to New York City Auto Transport

Alaska to Houston Auto Transport

Alaska to Dallas Auto Transport

Alaska to Texas Auto Transport

Alaska to Denver Auto Transport

Alaska to Atlanta Auto Transport

Alaska to Miami Auto Transport

Alaska to Las Vegas Auto Transport

Alaska to Boston Auto Transport

Popular Cities in Alaska

  1. Anchorage, AK:

    • 99501: Downtown Anchorage
    • 99503: Midtown Anchorage
    • 99508: University Area
  2. Fairbanks, AK:

    • 99701: Downtown Fairbanks
    • 99709: Fairbanks (Outer Areas)
  3. Juneau, AK:

    • 99801: Downtown Juneau
    • 99803: Mendenhall Valley
  4. Sitka, AK:

    • 99835: Sitka
  5. Ketchikan, AK:

    • 99901: Ketchikan
  6. Wasilla, AK:

    • 99654: Wasilla
    • 99687: Meadow Lakes (near Wasilla)
  7. Palmer, AK:

    • 99645: Palmer
  8. Nome, AK:

    • 99762: Nome
  9. Kodiak, AK:

    • 99615: Kodiak
  10. Bethel, AK:

    • 99559: Bethel
  11. Barrow (Utqiaġvik), AK:

    • 99723: Barrow (Utqiaġvik)
  12. Seward, AK:

    • 99664: Seward
  13. Homer, AK:

    • 99603: Homer
  14. Valdez, AK:

    • 99686: Valdez
  15. Kenai, AK:

    • 99611: Kenai
  16. North Pole, AK:

    • 99705: North Pole
  17. Soldotna, AK:

    • 99669: Soldotna
  18. Petersburg, AK:

    • 99833: Petersburg

How To Prepare My Car Shipping To And From Alaska

  1. Clean Your Car

  2. Inspect Your Vehicle 

  3. Remove Personal Items 

  4. Check for Leaks

  5. Reduce Fuel Level: Disable Alarms 

  6. Fold In Mirrors and Antennas

  7. Tighten Loose Parts: Check Tire Pressure: Battery and Brakes 

  8. Disable Toll Transponders

  9. Notify the Transporter of Special Requirements

  10. Keys and Documentation and Be Present for Inspection

How To Ship A Car From Alaska?

  1. Choose a Shipping Method: Determine whether you want to ship your car by sea or by overland routes. This will depend on your destination.

  2. Prepare Your Vehicle: Clean your car inside and out, remove personal belongings, and document any existing damage with photos and written notes.

  3. Complete Required Documentation: Have your vehicle’s title, registration, and insurance documents ready, along with any customs documentation if shipping internationally.

  4. Schedule the Transport: Book your shipment with the chosen shipping company and confirm pickup and delivery details.

  5. Deliver Your Vehicle: Deliver your car to the specified pickup location. Ensure it’s in running condition and ready for transport.

  6. Customs Clearance: If you’re shipping from Alaska to another country, be prepared for customs clearance processes at the destination.

  7. Tracking and Updates: Stay in communication with the shipping company for updates on your vehicle’s progress and be prepared for potential delays.

  8. Receive Your Vehicle

Ship Personal Belongings From Alaska

Amerigo Auto Transport charges a fee per pound for shipping items to and from Alaska when personal belongings are included with the vehicle. This fee is determined by the total weight of the items you wish to transport. It’s essential to be aware of this additional cost, as it covers the handling and transportation of personal items during the car shipping process. Please check with us for specific fee structure and policies regarding shipping personal items to or from Alaska.

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