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Antique Car Shipping

Antique Car Shipping

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We have established excellence that cater to all antique car shipping services. We exclusively utilize hard side enclosed carriers and offer white glove services for your antique car shipping, ensuring the utmost protection and care for these valuable and cherished possessions. Our reputation as a top-tier antique car shipper is further reinforced by our dispatch team, which consistently delivers the best carriers available across the United States. Whether it’s a vintage classic or a rare collectible, We are the trusted choice for those seeking unmatched expertise in antique vehicle shipping.

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The Cost To Ship An Antique Car

Vehicle Type Recommended Service Estimated Cost Quote
Sedans (1910-1945) Enclosed Transport $600 - $2,895 Quote
Sedans (1946-Current) Open Or Enclosed Transport $600 - $2,795 Quote
Mid-size Sedans (1910-1945) Enclosed Transport $700 - $2,895 Quote
Mid-size Sedans (1946-Current) Open Transport $700 - $1,895 Quote
SUVs (1910-1945) Enclosed Transport $800 - $2,950 Quote
SUVs (1946-Current) Open Transport $800 - $1,995 Quote
Pickup Trucks (1910-1945) Enclosed Transport $900 - $3,000 Quote
Pickup Trucks (1946-Current) Open Transport $900 - $2,295 Quote
Inoperable Vehicles Enclosed Transport Varies Quote

How To Prepare An Antique Car For Transport

  1. Clean the Vehicle: Give the antique car a thorough wash to remove dirt and grime, ensuring it’s clean before transport.

  2. Document the Condition: Take clear photos of the vehicle from all angles, highlighting any existing dents, scratches, or damage for reference.

  3. Secure Loose Parts: Remove any loose parts or accessories that could be damaged during transport, such as mirrors, antennas, or convertible tops.

  4. Check Fluid Levels: Ensure that all fluid levels are at the appropriate levels, including fuel, oil, and coolant. It’s best to have about a quarter tank of fuel.

  5. Disable Alarms: Deactivate any car alarms or anti-theft devices to prevent them from going off during transit.

  6. Check the Battery: Ensure the battery is secure and functional, or disconnect it to prevent any drainage during transport.

  7. Secure the Interior: Make sure that loose items inside the car are secured or removed to prevent damage or shifting during transit.

  8. Disable Parking Brake: If applicable, release or disable the parking brake to prevent potential issues with loading and unloading.

  9. Inspect Tires: Check the tire pressure and ensure they are in good condition to prevent any flat spots during transit.

  10. Provide Keys: Provide a set of keys to the transport company, including any keys for the ignition, trunk, and doors.

  11. Communicate Special Instructions: If there are any unique features or quirks about the antique car that the transport company should be aware of, communicate these details to the carrier.

  12. Review Insurance: Check your insurance coverage for any specific terms related to auto transport, and consider additional coverage if needed.

Places To Buy or Ship Antique Cars From

Known for its high-profile auctions of classic and collector cars, Barrett-Jackson hosts events across the United States.

Mecum is one of the largest auction companies specializing in vintage and collector cars, with auctions held in various cities.

Renowned for offering a selection of premium classic and vintage cars, RM Sotheby’s hosts auctions at prestigious locations around the world.

Known for its high-profile auctions of classic and collector cars, Barrett-Jackson hosts events across the United States.

Bonhams holds classic car auctions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, offering a wide range of vintage automobiles.

This car show and swap meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a prime destination for antique car enthusiasts.

Hagerty often hosts “Cars & Caffeine” events where classic car owners and buyers can connect

Known for its high-profile auctions of classic and collector cars, Barrett-Jackson hosts events across the United States.

How Antique Enclosed Car Transport Service With Amerigo Auto Transport Works

Amerigo Auto Transport’s enclosed transport service prioritizes the safety and security of your vehicle. Our carriers are fully insured and bonded, guaranteeing the security of your antique or luxury vehicle during transit. Our dedicated dispatch team operates around the clock to provide seamless coordination, and we pride ourselves on offering the most accurate and competitive prices in the market. Your prized vehicle’s safety and timely delivery are our top priorities.

Commonly Asked Questions About Shipping Antique Cars

When preparing your antique car for shipping with Amerigo Auto Transport, there are several steps to ensure a smooth process. First, thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, documenting any existing damage with photographs. Disable the car alarm and remove any personal belongings or valuable items from the vehicle. Make sure the gas tank is no more than a quarter full to reduce weight and potential hazards during transport.

Your antique car is insured during transport with Amerigo Auto Transport, providing you with peace of mind throughout the shipping process. Our carriers are fully licensed and insured, offering comprehensive coverage for your valuable vehicle.

We offer both open and enclosed carriers for antique car shipping, allowing you to choose the level of protection that best suits your needs. Enclosed carriers provide additional protection from the elements and road debris, ideal for preserving the pristine condition of your antique car.

There are no specific restrictions on the age  of the vehicle for shipping with Amerigo Auto Transport. Whether your antique car is a restored classic or a project car in need of restoration, we can accommodate your transport needs.

To get an accurate shipping quote for your antique car, simply provide us with the necessary details including the make and model of the vehicle, pickup and delivery locations, and preferred shipping method. Our experienced team will provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Transporting an antique car over long distances is safe with Amerigo Auto Transport. Our carriers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and driven by experienced professionals who specialize in handling vintage vehicles with care.

If your antique car is inoperable, our team can arrange for specialized equipment to safely load and unload the vehicle. We’ll work closely with you to ensure a seamless transport process from start to finish.

The pickup and delivery process for antique vehicles is carefully coordinated by our logistics team. We’ll schedule convenient pickup and delivery times and keep you updated throughout the shipping process.

Amerigo Auto Transport handles all the necessary paperwork and documentation for antique car transport, ensuring compliance with regulations and a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Whether you choose open or enclosed transport for your antique car, our team takes special care to protect your vehicle from damage during transit. We utilize industry-leading safety measures and secure loading techniques to safeguard your classic car throughout the journey.

Transit time for shipping an antique car varies depending on the distance and specific route. Our team will provide you with an estimated delivery window and keep you informed of any changes or delays along the way.

You can ship additional parts or accessories with your antique car with Amerigo Auto Transport, provided they are securely packaged and within the weight limits of the chosen shipping method.

In the unlikely event that your antique car sustains damage during transport, our team will work with you to address your concerns and resolve the issue promptly. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

There are no hidden fees or costs associated with antique car transport with Amerigo Auto Transport. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, with no surprises along the way.

If you have concerns about the condition of your antique car upon delivery, simply notify our team, and we’ll take the necessary steps to address your issues promptly and professionally.

You can track the progress of your antique car during transit with Amerigo Auto Transport through our online tracking system or by contacting our customer service team for real-time updates.

While you are welcome to be present during pickup and delivery, you can also designate someone else to receive the vehicle on your behalf. We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth handover process according to your preferences.

In the event of unexpected delays during transport, our team will keep you informed and work diligently to minimize any inconvenience. We prioritize timely delivery and clear communication with our customers throughout the shipping process.

When choosing a reputable antique car transport company like Amerigo Auto Transport, consider factors such as experience, customer reviews, and industry certifications. Our track record of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a trusted choice for vintage car enthusiasts nationwide.

If your antique car has unique features or requirements that need special attention during transport, simply communicate your needs to our team, and we’ll tailor our services to accommodate your specific requests. Your satisfaction and the safe delivery of your valuable vehicle are our top priorities at Amerigo Auto Transport.