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Auto Transport Vs Driving - Why Its Better To Ship A Car

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Auto Transport Vs Driving

Auto Transport Vs Driving


When it comes to relocating across the vast expanse of the USA, the decision between shipping your car via Auto Transport or embarking on a road trip by driving the car yourself is a critical one. Getting a perspective of both options will give you a good idea on what the best solution for you to do is.


The Pros of Shipping a Car via Auto Transport:

Time and Convenience: Shipping your car via Auto transport is a time-efficient option, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move. Instead of spending days on the road, your car can be transported while you take a flight to your destination.


Reduced Wear and Tear:

Long-distance drives put substantial mileage and wear on your vehicle. Opting for Auto Transport ensures your car arrives at its destination in the same condition it was loaded, without the wear and tear associated with long road trips.


Safety and Security:

Auto Transport companies like Amerigo utilize specialized carriers designed to protect your vehicle during transportation, protecting your car from road debris, weather conditions, and potential accidents.



Auto Transport Services like Amerigo Auto Transport offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. Whether you need your car transported urgently or prefer a specific delivery date, auto transport companies can accommodate your requirements.


Cost Savings:

Contrary to popular belief, shipping a car via auto transport can often be more cost-effective than driving. Consider fuel costs, potential lodging expenses, meals, and wear on your vehicle during a cross-country drive.


The Cons of Driving a Car Across the Country:


Time Commitment:

Driving a car across the country requires a significant time commitment, often taking several days depending on the distance. This can be a bit challenging if you’re pressed for time due to work or other commitments.


Physical and Mental Exhaustion: Driving for extended periods of time can wear you out physically and mentally, endangering your safety and wellbeing. Sometimes, its best to have a professional take that stress off your back.


Weather and Road Conditions:

Unpredictable weather and road conditions can affect your travel plans. From snowstorms to traffic jams, these variables can extend your travel time and create unnecessary stress. No need to be on the road at those times. Let us move your car safe and sound.


Vehicle Wear and Tear:

A cross-country drive places strain on your vehicle, increasing the likelihood of mechanical issues, tire wear, and the need for maintenance or repairs upon arrival.


Higher Costs:

While the idea of a road trip might seem cost-effective, fuel, accommodations, meals, and potential unexpected expenses can add up quickly, making it a more expensive option than anticipated.


Making Your Decision:

Ultimately, for many people and families undertaking a long-distance relocation, auto transport is an enticing option due to its benefits, which include time savings, reduced wear and tear, and better safety.

It’s important to take into account your personal preferences, timing, financial situation, and general convenience when deciding whether to drive across the nation or send a car via auto transport. If you’re seeking a local auto transport service, searching for “auto transport near me” can help you find reputable options in your vicinity. By opting for auto transport services, you can enjoy a smoother, more stress-free transition, arriving at your new home with your vehicle ready to roll, without the road-worn journey that comes with driving across the country.

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