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Heavy equipment transport services are specialized experts in moving large construction machines, such as bulldozers and excavators, from one job site to another. They use specially designed trucks and trailers to securely transport these hefty pieces, ensuring everything goes smoothly from loading to unloading. These services are essential for safely relocating heavy equipment, whether it’s a single machine or a fleet, allowing construction projects to proceed without a hitch. If you’re curious for more details, feel free to ask!

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Bumper Trailer Transport
  • Expertise: With years of dispatching under our belt, We have a plethora of carriers in the USA that we assign for your routes. We’ve built a carrier network like no other.
  • Time-Saving: You can focus on your other endeavors while we get your Bumper Pull shipped directly to your location. 

  • Equipment and Tools: Our carriers have the proper equipment to handle all your transport needs. We offer the most secure and reliable solutions in the market.

  • Safety: The carrier that is assigned to your route is fully insured and bonded through the USDOT. Your trailer is fully protected and never have to worry about coverage needed during transport.

  • Hassle-Free: No need to worry about backing up, parking, or navigating tight spots with a trailer in tow. We takes care of all these challenges.
  • Custom Solutions: Whatever your requirements are, We make sure to accomodate your needs. We make sure to be as punctual and as fluid as possible.
  • Regulations Compliance: Different regions might have varying regulations for towing trailers. We are familiar with these regulations, ensuring your transport is compliant.

  • Peace of Mind: By letting Amerigo handle the transport, you can relax knowing that your trailer is on its way to your doorstep.

Bumper Pull Transport Quote

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So when it comes to the price tag of a bumper pull transport service, it’s kind of like shopping for a unique item – it can vary quite a bit. The final cost depends on a bunch of factors that we put together instantly for you.


First off, the distance you’re moving your trailer plays a big role. Just like a road trip, the longer the distance, the more it might cost. Then there’s the size and type of your trailer. Smaller ones might be a bit friendlier on the wallet, while larger or specialized trailers could bump up the price.


Geography plays a roll as well. Busier areas are friendlier on pricing because major cities have more movement for a carrier. Coming from rural areas will typically cost more for this service, because carriers are usually trying to go from one major city to another to fill the load efficiently as possible.


Now, to give you a ballpark figure – When you are shipping a trailer and depending all these factors, you’re looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars. The best way to get a price is to submit a quote above and we will calculate all of these variables and give you the exact dollar amount!

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