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Amerigo specialize sin safely loading, securing, and transporting camper vans for short  or long-distance transport. Our network of Carriers have the equipment and expertise to make sure the camper van is secure and protected during transit, so it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was loaded.




Although, you might ask “When would I need this service?” – Their are quite a few reasons: if you’re moving to a new city and want to bring your camper van along, but you don’t have the time or desire to drive it yourself, Want to meet friends at a site but don’t have time to drive, moving to a new state, need a urgent pick up, you name it! We can accomodate all scenarios.

Camper Van Transport Services

Camper Van Transport Service

Our Team stands as a premier choice for camper van owners seeking reliable transport solutions. Amerigo offers tailored options to meet every need.  Whether you’re shifting across the country, venturing into international territory, or attending an event, Our transport service ensures your precious vehicle is securely and efficiently transported.  

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Shipping your camper van with Amerigo Auto Transport is a straightforward and well-organized process. First, you’ll initiate the process by requesting a quote on our easy step online form or give one of our agents a call. From there, We wil lgather all the information regarding your vans specs, locations, geography, timelines and give you the most accurate market price .



Next,We will work out the logistics, coordinating a pickup time that fits your needs. On the scheduled day, our carrier network team will come to your location to safely load your camper van onto the carrier, Carefully securing it, ensuring it’s ready to be shipped!


 Throughout the transportation process, you can keep track of your camper van’s progress, as Amerigo maintains transparent communication and updates. Upon arrival at the destination, Our contracted drivers will carefully unload your camper van and ensure it’s in the same condition as when it was picked up. Our commitment to reliability and professionalism shines through in every step of the process. 

Camper Van Transport Cost

Camper Van Transport Cost

Shipping a camper van’s cost varies based on factors like its size, the distance it’s traveling,  geography of pick up and drop off, demand, and the type of transport you choose. Bigger vans or longer distances might bump up the price, while open transport is budget-friendlier and enclosed transport offers extra protection. Costs can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Camper Vans For Sale

Camper Vans For Sale

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