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Car Shipping In September: What To Know

September is rolling in, and so does cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and the need for reliable auto transport services. Whether you’re relocating, sending a vehicle to a loved one, or making a car purchase, We want you to be prepared for shipping your vehicle. We will go over some tips on what to look out for when shipping a car in September. Heres what you can expect:



  1. Weather Variability: As summer transitions to fall, weather and road conditions can vary widely across different regions. Be prepared for potential weather-related delays, especially in areas where unpredictable storms might affect the carriers routes.

  2. Back to School Traffic: September marks the return of students to schools and colleges. This can lead to increased traffic in certain areas, potentially affecting delivery timelines. Planning ahead and allowing for extra time is advisable.

  3. Demand and Availability: Auto transport demand tends to stabilize after the busy summer months. While this can lead to better availability, it’s still recommended to book your transport in advance to secure your preferred dates and rates.

Popular Auto Transport Routes in September

Certain routes are popular year-round, while others gain traffic due to seasonal factors. In September, the following route types are high in demand:



  1. North to South: This tends to be what we call a “Snowbird Route” because many people who were spending time in the northern states for the summer, head back down south for the winter to avoid the cold and the snow. Prices tend to be consistent for this route.

  2. Coastal Routes: Many people prefer relocating between coasts during the milder fall months. As moving in the summer heat is hard on the body. This leads to increased demand for routes along the East and West Coasts.

  3. College Towns: With Colleges and Universities reopening, there’s an uptick in demand for auto transport services to college towns. Students returning to campus or moving in for the first time often rely on Amerigo to ship their car. We are here to help our students.

 Amerigo Auto Transport September Benefits

Our team here at Amerigo Auto Transport take pride you in your transport service, We are known for our commitment to our clients and helping those who are in need of shipping services. Some of the benefits we are but not limited to are: 



Key Features of Amerigo Auto Transport:


  1. Nationwide Coverage: We offer transport services across the United States, catering to a wide range of routes, including popular September destinations.

  2. Transparent Pricing: Our transparent pricing ensures that you receive accurate quotes without hidden fees, allowing for better budgeting and planning.

  3. 5-Star Dispatch Team: Our dispatch team are engagement around-the-clock to make sure your carrier is assigned on a timely route.

  4. Experienced Carrier Network: The company employs experienced and professional drivers who understand the nuances of transporting vehicles safely and efficiently.

September is a unique time for auto transport, with shifting weather conditions and changing traffic patterns. Whether you’re moving, attending college, or just need a cross country move, understanding the dynamics of auto transport during this month is essential. Give us a call or get a cost through our instant quote form!

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