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Why choose Amerigo Auto Transport to ship my car?

Amerigo is a company built with a foundation that maximizes our clients success for logistics. We get your vehicle form point A to point B in the most efficient and economical manner that your route demands. We set goals and expectations that are achievable, delivery a high quality-premium service, and have the best communication in the industry. We have a leading dispatch team that assigns carriers for all of the routes with ease, and coordinators to advise you on the best possible solutions for your transportation. With both those combined, it is a recipe for success!

Amerigo Auto Transport

Is Amerigo Auto Transport a Broker or Carrier?

We are a Broker who contracts carriers or uses contracted carriers for routes and works with carriers as a dispatch partner to coordinate the route. In auto transport, or many logistics industries, You do not deal directly with a carrier, and for many reasons. For one, they are licensed to drive, not broker. So they cannot do both at once as this is an impossible task. We as brokers, coordinate, contract and dispatch the route to our carrier network, which is in all 50 states! Another reason you deal with Amerigo is because of the carrier network! We have the largest carrier network in the United States! Because of that reason, we are able to vet each driver/carrier, validate insurance, Check driving records, and check ratings as well. We only align you with the best carriers and drivers on the road! Guaranteed!

How is my Auto Transport cost calculated?

Many tangibles and variables go into pricing a vehicle transport.  Amerigo is able to give you a Live Market Price based on but not limited to: Mileage, Geography, Carrier availability, Gas, Time of Year, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Condition, Supply and Demand as well as many more variables. Our company bases our prices off of live trends; So you know what you are paying from the beginning. Be mindful, When you are getting an instant quote through the form, it is based ONLY on vehicle type and milage through a quote calculator. This goes for many other companies as well. As it is not possible to integrate all those variables into a live calculator. 

I am shopping for prices. How do I know what the right price is?

A service industry like Auto Transport is difficult to shop prices around and filter. When you are calling other companies; You are typically calling a broker who's offering you a bid that seems "cheap" or "low" compared to the actual shippers, and disguising it as an actual quote. They then try to find you a carrier/driver and see what they can get for you and maximize profit margin. Amerigo bases prices off contracted carriers and carriers that have been previously contracted on your route. We are not selling you on a price, but a service that sells itself. Our companies pricing policies are transparent. We are giving you the cost per mile based off live data and it is the most accurate price points you can get in this industry. We then assign a carrier for your route!

My dates are "flexible" and I'm in "no rush" to ship my vehicle. Does this help save costs?

No. That is a miss-conception in this industry. Carriers work off a set schedule. When they accept a car being picked up, it is because the car has a date and is scheduled. Companies offer "cheap" , "standby" or "standard" car shipping rates as a way to get you to commit to a booking, pay a deposit, and then change the real price after the vehicle is not picked up, which is called a "bait and switch". We give you the right price, and one price only to have your vehicle picked up on the day you need it. Our pricing is based off Live Market Prices. Every route has a cost per mile and we always have to meet that number to get your vehicle moved efficiently. Everyone you speak with pulls from the same network of carriers, so its impossible to have carriers accepting loads at a significantly lesser price then another company. Regardless of your schedule or flexibility. Being flexible on dates is nice to know for the carriers incase of emergency or if you need to change your dates, as we can adjust your schedule after the booking is made.

Is my vehicle insured during Auto Transport?

All carriers and drivers under our contracts MUST be insured through the FMCSA/DOT. We do not contract any carriers without proper documentation. Guaranteed! 

Is Amerigo Auto Transport based in the USA?

Yes! Our call centers, coordinators, dispatchers, and customer service agents are based in the USA!

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How long does it take to ship my car?

It depends on many variables and services that you are looking for. If you click here it will open a transit map to give you a firm idea of transit times in the USA.

Can I leave items in my vehicle during Auto Transport?

You may have items in the vehicle. We ask that you typically don't put more than 100 lbs. in the vehicle and make sure items are below the window line of the vehicle. Carriers can be fined for being over weight, or having items above the window line, as it is a liability and safety hazard.

Can I track my vehicle during Auto Transport?

There is no live tracking of the vehicle from our end, But, With newer vehicles and technology, newer model vehicles have GPS integrated in them so you could track your vehicle in that manner. We also provide carrier contact information as well to give you live updates, and the carriers drive times are electronically monitored by the Department of Transportation for safety reasons.

What if my car gets damaged during the shipment of my vehicle?

Vehicle damage is not very common during transport, but it does happen and is a good question to ask. Carriers will inspect vehicles with client at pick up and drop off. Both parties must agree on condition of vehicle before signing. If something did occur during your route, Our network of carriers and drivers are all fully insured and bonded, and you would make them claim directly through the carriers/drivers with no issues at all. 

What kind of car shipping services do you offer?

We offer Open Carrier Car Shipping, Enclosed Carrier Shipping, Door-to-Door Car Shipping,Port-to-Port Car Shipping, Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping, City-To-City Car Shipping, State-to-State Car Shipping, Dealership Car Shipping, Auction Car Shipping, Military Car Shipping, Job Relocation Car Shipping, Manufacturer Car Shipping and Heavy Equipment Shipping.

Is my Auto Transport a door-to-door transport?

The auto carrier will be brought as close to your door as it is safe and lawful for the driver to do so. The driver will typically be able to pick up and bring your vehicle right to your door. Large trucks may be subject to restrictions in some cities that prevent them from entering residential neighborhoods. The driver may suggest that you meet at a location nearby with a large parking lot, such as a grocery store, if access to the pickup or delivery location is impeded by narrow streets, low-hanging trees, or tight turns. Auto transport trucks are large and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around.

What do you ship besides vehicles?

Amerigo specializes in transporting various kinds of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, lifted trucks, minivans, big vehicles, oversized vehicles, lowered vehicles, modified vehicles, antiques, vintage cars, motorcycles, construction equipment, disabled automobiles, inoperable vehicles, boats, trailers, RVs, Jet Skis and more! 

Can I leave my gas full? How much gas should be left in my car?

If you are shipping on mainland. You should make sure there is enough gas to drive the vehicle on and off the carrier without stopping. The Gas can be full. If you are shipping your vehicle on a vessel/ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or neighboring islands, then you should make sure vehicle has no more than 1/4th tank of gas and no less then 1/8th tank of gas.

My vehicle does not start. Can i still ship my car?

Yes, we can send non-running or non-operational vehicles. In order to securely and slowly pull immobile vehicles onto a special auto carrier, which is needed when shipping them, a winch must be attached to your vehicle. Due of the unique tools and added labor required to secure the car to the transporter, there is an additional charge for immovable automobiles. In order for the required preparations to be made to accommodate a non-running car, you can select the "inoperable" option on the online booking form or notify your shipping agent if you make your reservation over the phone.

Is there a difference between the top deck and bottom deck of a carrier?

The car being on the top or bottom is still safe regardless of position. If you are shipping a newer vehicle, electric vehicle, or old vehicle, you will typically be on a carrier who accommodates those similar vehicles. Oil spillage in todays day in age is not very common because a lot of cars have plates underneath them to where you don't see them, or now we have many electric cars on the road so that is not an issue any longer for some vehicles.

How do I pay for my Auto Transport? What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with any major debit, credit, or prepaid card. We also accept partial payment upon dispatch and remaining balance could be paid directly to the carrier upon delivery. Some form of payment must be processed during dispatch, Whether it is the full amount of partial amount. The carrier needs a commitment to pick up the vhehicle.

I am not sure of the day I need my vehicle picked up. Can I still book my Auto Transport??

We will help you choose a date and schedule. We strongly advise to have a schedule or date when getting a quote and making a booking. Carriers need organization and set schedules on the routes they deliver to and from. When can assist with advising your schedule and providing the best solutions for your auto transport needs.

I will not be at the pick up or deliver. Is that acceptable?

That is okay if you are not present at pick up or drop off, as long as you give us verbal authorization.

I am shipping multiple vehciles. Do I get a discount?

A lot of tangibles and variables go into pricing. If your route has incentive, we will advise you from the beginning and do our best to give you a competitive live market price. Typically, carriers do not offer large discounts unless you are doing a full load (7-8 vehicles at once).

Is Amerigo Auto Transport insured and bonded?

We along with our carriers are insured and bonded through the DOT/FMCSA.

My car has modifications. Does this affect the price?

Modifications of your vehicle do affect price or service. It is important to disclose this from the beginning so you are given accurate pricing and service information. When you submit a quote online. It will not disclose if you have modifications through our quote calculator.

I booked an Auto Transport with another company. They did not pick up my vehicle. Can you help me?

We can help you get your vehicle picked up immediately.  It is not uncommon for you to need to use a real shipper if you have been duped by a broker or scammer. We can have vehicles picked up in a timely manner with no additional cost to expedite your move. Our live market price and carrier contracts will get your vehicle picked up when you need it. 

Do I need any documentation to ship my car?

You do not need documentation to ship your vehicle state to state on the mainland. If you are shipping through boat or vessel, Then you will need documentation.

I need my car picked up or delivered on a specific date. Is this achievable?

Your vehicle can be picked up on a specific date, But you need to book in advance for that to be possible. Reservations are free and require no deposit.

My car needs to be delivered or picked up on a specific time. Is this achievable?

We cannot guarantee your vehicle is delivered on a specific time due to traffic conditions, weather conditions, and other variables that could affect a carriers route. We can request it to the carrier and if they can accomodate it, they will advise us.

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellation policies varies on your level of communication and notice. We advise this in our reservation contract.

I need to change my car shipping date. Does this count as a cancelation?

If you have a reservation made and need to change your date, You are allowed to at no additional cost or penalty.

I have a very expensive or premium vehicle. Are your carriers insured for it?

We make sure to align all of our customers with carriers we believe will be the best fit for them. If your vehicle is needing a world class-white glove service, then we will align you with a carrier who specialized in unique, classic and exotic vehicles and offers a level of protection to meet your needs.

What is a Bill of Lading? Do I get one?

A Bill of Lading is a legal document that has all the information regarding your transport, payment, and vehicle condition and details. It is important to keep this for personal records and documentations, or if any damages occurred during transport, This document would be proof if no such damages were noted at the pick up.

I have a job relocation. My company is paying for my car shipping. How do they pay?

You can pay us and then have your company reimburse you, or have your company reach out to go over terms and options for you.

I am in the military. I already shipped one car with VPC and I need to ship my other vehicle. Can you ship my car?

We can  ship your car easily to your destination. We will give a world class service every-time for our armed forces members and veterans.

I am in the military and will not be present for pick up or drop off of my car. Is that okay?

That is okay. You can have a friend, neighbor, relative, or superior do the pick up and delivery on your behalf. We ask that the vehicle is met off base as carriers typically do not have credentials to enter into a military facility.

I don't have addresses for pick up and drop off. Can I meet the carrier anywhere?

You can always meet a carrier locally or advise of a address at a later time. As long as we know the cities it is going to and from, then we can always adjust on the fly as needed once you're reserved and in our system. You then have top priority.

When will I know that my vehicle has a carrier assigned and on the way to pick up?

We typically advise of your dispatch the week of pick up. It will be before the day of pick up and we do our best to give you enough notice. We advise all the carrier details and times they plan to arrive and deliver by. They will be in contact as well to advise.

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