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Top Rated Classic Car Transport Company

As a top-rated classic car transport company, Amerigo stands out for our exceptional services and commitment to preserving the legacy of vintage automobiles. With a reputation built on years of expertise, Amerigo excels as a premier choice for classic car enthusiasts seeking reliable transportation.



Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of classic vehicles, offering secure and specialized handling throughout the transport process. Amerigo’s status as a leading classic car shipper is underscored by our focus on delivering a seamless and trustworthy experience for every cherished car we ship.

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We Offer A Reliable Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transportation Expertise: Amerigo specializes in the transportation of classic cars, comprehending the distinct needs and handling specifications of vintage vehicles.


Cutting-edge Security Measures: Amerigo’s transport trailers boast state-of-the-art security features, guaranteeing the safe and protected journey of your cherished classic car.


Professional and Dedicated Team: Backed by a team of seasoned drivers, Amerigo handles each classic car with the utmost care, ensuring a seamless and damage-free transport experience.


Customized Services: Amerigo delivers a personalized and tailored experience, accommodating a variety of vehicle types and dimensions to cater to the unique requirements of classic car enthusiasts.


Attention to Detail: From the loading process to unloading, Amerigo exercises meticulous attention to detail, treating each classic car as a rare and invaluable work of art.


Versatile Fleet: Amerigo’s fleet is adept at handling a diverse range of classic cars, including those with low ground clearance, ensuring a solution for every type of vintage vehicle.


Trusted Reliability: Serving as a dependable partner in classic car shipping, Amerigo offers reliability and peace of mind, making them the preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a secure transportation solution for their automotive treasures.




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Hagerty Classic Car Transport

Classic car owners, often insured by Hagerty, find comfort in the safety and reliability of our transportation service. Recognizing the unique value of vintage automobiles, many Hagerty-insured individuals entrust our expertise in handling and transporting their cherished classics. Our commitment to security and dependability aligns seamlessly with the discerning preferences of Hagerty enthusiasts, fostering a trusted partnership in ensuring the seamless transport of these automotive treasures.

Popular Classic Cars That Are Commonly Transported:

Your Guide For Transporting Classic Cars

When you are using amerigos classic car shipping and handling services, you are using a company who takes high measures in making sure you have the right security and peace of mind that your vehicle is in great hands. Our carriers follow a thorough process in making sure all the vehicles in transit get the treatment they deserve. Some of what our carrier network does but is not limited to is:




  1. Thorough Car Inspection: Carriers conduct a detailed inspection of the classic car before transport, meticulously noting any existing damages. This provides a baseline for tracking the vehicle’s condition throughout the journey.

  2. Securement with Specialized Equipment For Vehicles: Carriers use specialized equipment such as soft straps and wheel nets to securely fasten the classic car within the transport vehicle. This prevents any shifting or movement during transit.

  3. Enclosed Transport For Classic Vehicles: Some carriers opt for enclosed transport trailers, providing an additional layer of protection against external elements like weather and road debris. This is particularly beneficial for safeguarding the classic car’s pristine condition.

  4. Insurance Coverage For Classic Vehicles: Carriers typically offer insurance coverage to financially protect the classic car in the event of any unforeseen damages during transportation. This adds an extra layer of security for both the carrier and the car owner.

  5. Stability Measures: Carriers implement stability measures within the transport trailer to minimize any movement of the classic car during transit. This ensures that the vehicle remains stable and secure throughout the journey.

  6. Effective Communication: Carriers maintain open communication with the owner or shipping broker, providing regular updates on the transportation progress. This transparency allows for real-time information about the classic car’s status.

  7. Experienced and Trained Drivers: Professional drivers with expertise in transporting classic cars handle the entire process. Their experience ensures safe and careful handling, minimizing the risk of any potential damages.

  8. Documentation: Carriers complete necessary paperwork and documentation, confirming the condition of the classic car upon pickup and delivery. This documentation serves as a record of the vehicle’s journey.

  9. Customized Routes: Carriers plan routes strategically to avoid potential hazards or rough roads. This customization ensures a smoother and safer transport experience, further protecting the classic car.

Questions Regarding Transportation Of Classic Cars

The cost of transporting a classic car can vary depending on factors such as distance, vehicle size, transport method (open or enclosed), and additional services requested. Requesting a quote from Amerigo Auto Transport will provide accurate pricing details tailored to your specific needs.

Enclosed transport is often recommended for classic cars to provide maximum protection against external elements, road debris, and weather conditions. While it may come at a higher cost compared to open transport, it offers added security and peace of mind for transporting valuable vintage automobiles.

To prepare a classic car for transport, owners should thoroughly clean the vehicle, remove any personal belongings or loose items, secure movable parts, and document the vehicle’s condition through photographs or inspection reports. Amerigo Auto Transport can provide detailed guidelines on preparing your classic car for transport.

Yes, classic car transport services provided by Amerigo Auto Transport typically include insurance coverage to safeguard against potential damages during transit. This insurance coverage helps protect the owner’s investment in the event of any unforeseen accidents or mishaps during transportation.

Several steps ensure safe classic car transport, including hiring experienced drivers, using specialized equipment such as soft tie-downs and padded covers, and offering enclosed trailers for added protection. Additionally, Amerigo Auto Transport implements strict quality control measures to ensure careful handling and transportation of classic cars.

There are indeed specific considerations for transporting vintage or rare classic cars, such as using enclosed trailers, employing experienced drivers with a track record of handling vintage vehicles, and implementing additional security measures to prevent damage during transit.

Using a broker for transporting a classic car is not always necessary. However, brokers can help facilitate the process by connecting car owners with reputable transport companies like Amerigo Auto Transport and handling logistics on their behalf.

To prevent damage to classic cars during transit, Amerigo Auto Transport takes several measures such as employing experienced drivers, using specialized equipment, offering insurance coverage, and providing enclosed trailers for added protection.

Different types of trailers, such as enclosed trailers and flatbed trailers, are used for transporting classic cars. Enclosed trailers offer maximum protection against external elements, while flatbed trailers provide an open-air option for shorter distances or vehicles that are not as sensitive to environmental factors.

To secure a classic car for transport, Amerigo Auto Transport uses soft straps and padded covers to protect the vehicle’s exterior and interior. Additionally, experienced drivers ensure that the vehicle is securely fastened within the trailer to prevent shifting during transit.

Payment for the transport of your classic car with Amerigo Auto Transport can typically be made using various methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or electronic payment platforms. Be sure to inquire about accepted payment methods when arranging your classic car transport.

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Classic Car Model Recommended Service Estimated Cost Quote
Dodge Challenger Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
MG Midget Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Buick Riviera (1963) Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Porsche 911 Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Ford Bronco Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Chevrolet Nova Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Jaguar XKE Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Austin Mini Cooper Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Plymouth Road Runner Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Mercedes-Benz 190SL Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
AMC Gremlin Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Chevrolet Apache Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Rolls-Royce Phantom II Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Pontiac Catalina Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Ford Galaxie Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Ferrari 250 GT Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote
Cadillac Coupe de Ville Open Or Enclosed Transport Varies Quote