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Amerigo, a 5-star rated Connecticut car shipping company, has earned a stellar reputation for its exceptional service and top-notch reliability in transporting vehicles. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they ensure a smooth and worry-free experience from pick-up to delivery. Whether moving within the state or beyond, Amerigo’s dedication to excellence makes them a preferred choice for discerning customers. Their consistent 5-star ratings reflect the trust and confidence clients place in their expert car shipping services.

Connecticut Car Shipping Services

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Amerigo Auto Transport stands as the optimal choice for Connecticut auto shipping services, providing an extensive array of vehicle shipping solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Here’s what sets our Connecticut services apart:


Comprehensive Statewide Vehicle Transport In CT: We operate seamlessly throughout the state, delivering reliable and efficient vehicle shipping services to and from any location within Connecticut. Whether relocating your vehicle across cities or spanning the state borders, you can rely on us.


Flexible Open and Enclosed Transport Options in CT: Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each vehicle, we offer both open and enclosed transport choices. Choose open transport for a cost-effective solution suitable for most vehicles, or opt for enclosed transport to ensure added protection for high-end, classic, or delicate vehicles.


Convenient Door-to-Door Service: Simplify your auto transport experience with our door-to-door service. Amerigo offers a hassle-free process by picking up and delivering your vehicle directly from your doorstep.


Prompt and Dependable Delivery: Recognizing the significance of your time, we prioritize timely and reliable deliveries, keeping you informed throughout the entire transportation process. Our goal is to safely and promptly deliver your vehicle to its Connecticut destination.


Insurance Coverage: Your peace of mind is paramount. All our shipments come with fully insured coverage.


Transparent and Competitive Pricing: Amerigo offers clear and competitive pricing for our Connecticut services. Request a quote to experience the affordability of our high-quality auto shipping solutions.


Exceptional Customer Support: Our dedicated customer service team is poised to assist you at every stage of your Connecticut car transport journey. From initial inquiries to tracking your shipment, we ensure a positive and supportive experience for our valued customers.


Connecticut Car Shipping Company Near Me

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Car Transport Routes from Connecticut and Estimated Transit Times

Destination Distance Estimated Transit Time Quote

Connecticut to Idaho

2,500 miles 8 - 12 days Quote

Connecticut to Wyoming

2,800 miles 9 - 14 days Quote

Connecticut to Vermont

300 miles 1 - 2 days Quote

Connecticut to South Dakota

1,800 miles 6 - 9 days Quote

Connecticut to Alaska

4,000 miles 14 - 18 days Quote

Connecticut to Hawaii

5,000 miles 18 - 22 days Quote

Connecticut to Delaware

300 miles 1 - 2 days Quote

Connecticut to Rhode Island

100 miles 1 day Quote

Connecticut to Montana

2,200 miles 7 - 10 days Quote

Connecticut to Maine

500 miles 2 - 3 days Quote

Connecticut to North Dakota

1,700 miles 6 - 8 days Quote

Connecticut to Michigan

800 miles 3 - 5 days Quote

Connecticut to Ohio

600 miles 2 - 4 days Quote

Amerigo Auto Logistics specializes in seamlessly transporting cars to and from the state of Connecticut, offering comprehensive vehicle shipping services across the entire USA. Our commitment to excellence extends nationwide, ensuring reliable and efficient transport solutions for clients moving vehicles within Connecticut or to and from any destination in the country.

Connecticut Car Shipping Guide

Prepare Your Vehicle: Ensure your vehicle is in top condition for shipping by thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior. This not only meets transport regulations but also makes any existing damages more visible.


Document Damage: Prior to shipping, capture clear photos of your car from various angles to document pre-existing scratches, dents, or damages. This serves as a crucial record in case of any issues during transport.


Remove Personal Items: Empty your vehicle of personal belongings, valuables, and important documents, as auto transport companies typically require a completely empty vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance: Check and maintain fluid levels (oil, brake, and transmission fluids) to ensure your vehicle functions properly during transport. Additionally, inflate your tires to recommended pressure for safe loading, unloading, and transit.


Security Measures: Disable car alarms or anti-theft devices to avoid disturbances during the shipping process. If possible, fold in side mirrors and secure loose parts like antennas or spoilers.

Fuel Level: Keep approximately a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle – sufficient for loading and unloading but minimizing unnecessary weight.


Battery Health: Confirm your car’s battery is in good condition for proper functioning during and after transport.


Special Instructions: Communicate any specific handling instructions for your vehicle to the transport company in advance.


Provide Spare Keys: Supply the transport company with a spare set of keys, essential for loading, unloading, and securing your vehicle.


Local Regulations: Stay informed about any specific regulations or requirements for vehicle transport in Connecticut and your destination.


Toll Tags: Deactivate toll tags on your vehicle to prevent unnecessary charges during transport.

Insurance Confirmation: Before shipping, verify that your auto transport company offers adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle throughout the entire shipping process.

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Connecticut car shipping costs can vary depending on factors such as distance, vehicle size, transport method (open or enclosed), and any additional services requested. Requesting a quote from Amerigo Auto Transport will provide accurate pricing details tailored to your specific needs.

For car transport within Connecticut, the timeframe is typically shorter compared to interstate transport. Amerigo Auto Transport strives to provide efficient and timely service.

Expedited options are available for quicker Connecticut auto shipping with Amerigo Auto Transport. These options may come at an additional cost but can provide faster transit times for urgent shipments. Contact us for more information about expedited options.

Yes, the dimensions and type of vehicle can affect the shipping cost in Connecticut. Larger vehicles or those requiring special handling may incur additional charges. Amerigo Auto Transport considers these factors when providing quotes for auto shipping services.

Amerigo Auto Transport is transparent about pricing, and there are no hidden charges associated with Connecticut car shipping. All costs and fees are clearly outlined in the quote provided to customers.

Yes, you can get a quote for Connecticut auto shipping from Amerigo Auto Transport before committing to the service. Simply visit our website or contact us directly to request a customized quote based on your specific transportation needs.

Insurance coverage is included in the standard cost of Connecticut car shipping with Amerigo Auto Transport. This insurance provides protection for your vehicle against potential damages or loss during transit.

For Connecticut car shipping services, Amerigo Auto Transport accepts various payment options, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or electronic payment platforms. Be sure to inquire about accepted payment methods when arranging your car transport.

Yes, you can schedule a specific pickup and delivery date for your vehicle in Connecticut with Amerigo Auto Transport. Our team will work with you to arrange a convenient time and location for both pickup and delivery, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transport experience.

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