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Ferrari Transport

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As a top-rated Ferrari transport company, we take pride in our expertise and steadfast commitment to secure and efficient transportation for these high-performance vehicles. Renowned for our dedication to excellence, we’ve become the preferred choice among Ferrari enthusiasts seeking reliable and professional transport services.


Our commitment to ensuring the safe delivery of these iconic vehicles is resolute. Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the unique needs of transporting Ferraris, employing precision and care throughout the entire process. From pickup to delivery, our advanced logistics and specialized equipment guarantee that each Ferrari arrives at its destination in pristine condition.


As your top-rated Ferrari transport company, we offer a white-glove service tailored to the discerning requirements of luxury car owners. Whether it’s a classic or the latest model, trust us to provide a seamless and secure transport experience, solidifying our position as the go-to choice for enthusiasts who demand the utmost in professionalism and reliability for their prized Ferraris.

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The Best Ferrari Transport Company

Ferrari Transport Company

We take immense pride in our commitment to excellence, reflected in our exclusive use of enclosed carriers for the transport of Ferraris. Understanding the unique requirements and value associated with these luxury vehicles, we have curated a fleet of top-tier enclosed trailers designed to provide the utmost protection during transit. Unlike open carriers, our enclosed transport option shields Ferraris from the elements, road debris, and other potential hazards, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition.


Our dedication to quality extends beyond the choice of transport vehicles. Amerigo exclusively engages carriers insured and bonded through the Department of Transportation, demonstrating our commitment to the safety and security of our clients’ prized possessions. This rigorous selection process guarantees that our carriers adhere to the highest industry standards, offering peace of mind to Ferrari owners who entrust their vehicles to our care.


Moreover, at Amerigo Transport, we understand that transporting Ferraris requires a level of expertise and finesse. To ensure the optimal handling of these high-performance vehicles, we dispatch carriers that exclusively specialize in Ferrari transport. These carriers boast a proven track record of successfully transporting Ferraris and other exotic cars, showcasing a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the unique needs of luxury automotive transport. By entrusting us with your Ferrari, you are choosing a service that prioritizes precision, security, and a legacy of successful transports within the realm of high-end automotive

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Here are some Ferraris we have transported below:

Ferrari Transport Price
Car Model Manufacturer Shipping Type Quote

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari F430

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari California

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Roma

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 330 P4

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari Enclosed Quote

Ferrari Transport Guide

Ferrari Transport Near Me

How to prepare your Ferrari for Transport:

1. Thorough Inspection of the Ferrari:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection of your Ferrari, documenting its current condition with clear photographs from various angles. Note any existing scratches, dents, or imperfections.

2. Removal of Personal Items:

  • Empty the interior of the Ferrari, removing all personal items, valuables, and loose accessories. Transporting a Ferrari with an empty interior minimizes the risk of damage during transit.

3. Securing Loose Parts:

  • Ensure that any detachable accessories, spoilers, or antennae are securely fastened or removed. This prevents damage during loading, unloading, and transit.

4. Disable Alarm Systems:

  • Disable the car’s alarm or security system to prevent unnecessary disturbances during transport. Clearly communicate instructions on handling the alarm system to the transport company.

5. Check Fluid Levels:

  • Verify that all fluid levels, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid, are at recommended levels. Proper fluid levels contribute to maintaining the Ferrari’s optimal condition during transport.

6. Maintain Battery Charge:

  • Ensure that the Ferrari’s battery is fully charged. A charged battery facilitates the use of electronic features and aids in the loading and unloading processes.

7. Verify Tire Pressure:

  • Confirm that all tires are properly inflated. Proper tire pressure is crucial for stability during transport and aids in the loading and unloading of the vehicle.

8. Fold In Side Mirrors:

  • If possible, fold in the side mirrors to reduce the overall width of the Ferrari. This assists in securely fitting the vehicle within the transport trailer.

9. Special Handling Instructions:

  • Communicate any specific features or requirements of your Ferrari to the transport company. If your Ferrari has unique characteristics, such as low ground clearance, provide clear instructions for special handling.

10. Obtain Insurance Coverage:

  • Confirm the insurance coverage provided for your Ferrari during transport. Consider additional insurance if necessary to ensure comprehensive coverage for the duration of the journey.

11. Complete Necessary Paperwork:

  • Fill out any required paperwork provided by the transport company accurately. This may include a Bill of Lading and other documentation necessary for the transport process.

12. Schedule and Confirm:

  • Confirm the transport schedule and ensure that all details are clear with the transport company. Provide contact information for easy communication during the transport of your Ferrari.
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The cost of Ferrari transport with Amerigo Auto Transport depends on factors such as distance, vehicle type, and transport method. You can request a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Transit times vary based on distance and route. Amerigo Auto Transport provides estimated delivery times when you book your Ferrari transport.

Necessary paperwork typically includes proof of ownership, vehicle registration, and insurance documentation. Amerigo Auto Transport can guide you through the required paperwork.

While it’s not mandatory, being present during pick-up ensures a smooth process and allows you to inspect your Ferrari before transport.

You can authorize someone else to receive your Ferrari at the destination if you’re unable to be there personally. Just ensure they have proper identification.

Before shipping your Ferrari, it’s advisable to remove personal belongings, lower the fuel level, and secure any loose parts to ensure a safe transport experience.

Amerigo Auto Transport typically includes insurance coverage in the cost of Ferrari transport to safeguard against any unforeseen incidents during transit.

Amerigo Auto Transport employs secure loading methods, experienced drivers, and enclosed transport options to ensure the safety of your Ferrari during transport.

Amerigo Auto Transport accommodates various types and conditions of vehicles, including luxury sports cars like Ferraris.

Amerigo Auto Transport offers tracking options, allowing you to monitor the progress of your Ferrari transport online or through customer support.

Amerigo Auto Transport strives for transparency, but there may be additional fees for services like expedited delivery or storage. These will be communicated upfront.

In the rare event of delays, Amerigo Auto Transport communicates promptly with updates and works to resolve any issues efficiently.

It’s generally not recommended to transport personal items inside your Ferrari during transport for safety and insurance reasons. It’s best to keep the vehicle empty to prevent any damage or loss.

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