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Ship A Car From a Government Auction

Amerigo Auto Transport specializes in efficiently transporting vehicles acquired from government auctions, such as those organized by Apple Auctioneering Co. Our dedicated team ensures seamless logistics, from the auction site to the desired destination. Whether it’s cars, trucks, or specialized equipment, we handle the transportation process with precision and care. With a commitment to reliability and security, Amerigo Auto Transport is the trusted choice for government auction vehicle and equipment shipping.

Government Auction Auto Transport

Car Transport From a Government Auction

Auction Type Transport Type Quote

Government Surplus Auctions

Various Quote

Police and Law Enforcement Auctions

Seized and Unclaimed Vehicles Quote

General Services Administration (GSA) Auctions

Fleet Vehicles and Equipment Quote

U.S. Marshals Service Auctions

Seized Vehicles (Criminal Investigations) Quote

Department of Defense (DOD) Auctions

Surplus Military Vehicles and Equipment Quote

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Auctions

Seized Vehicles (Tax-related) Quote

State Department of Transportation (DOT) Auctions

Surplus Vehicles (Including Maintenance and Service Vehicles) Quote

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Auctions

Seized and Forfeited Vehicles Quote

Government Auction Vehicle Delivery Services

Vehicle Type Shipped Damaged Inoperable

Government Fleet Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Confiscated Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Impounded Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Seized Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Surplus Military Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Government-Owned Equipment

Yes Yes Yes

Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Public Transportation Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Salvage Vehicles

Yes Yes Yes

Special Purpose Vehicles (e.g., utility trucks, custom vehicles)

Yes Yes Yes

Services included but are not limited to the following:

Government Fleet Vehicle Transport

Ship A Impounded Vehicle

Ship A Confiscated Vehcile

Ship A Seized Vehicle

Ship Military Surplus Vehicles

Auto Transport for Government Auctions

Transport vehicles from all kids of auctions in the united states. We can transport vehicles to all 50 states!

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Government Auction Car Transport Company

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