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Experience Hawaii car shipping with the aloha spirit when using Amerigo Auto Transport. We weave the essence of island hospitality into your  journey! Like the whispering trade winds gracing our shores, we deftly navigate the unique logistics of Hawaii with finesse. Whether your vehicle is exploring the picturesque roads of the islands or embarking on a voyage from one tropical haven to another, our team guarantees a seamless car transport process.


At Amerigo, our unwavering commitment revolves around the secure and reliable transport of your vehicle. We treat your prized possession with the care and attention it deserves, ensuring a satisfying transport experience drenched in the warmth of aloha. Opt for Amerigo to embark on a car shipping adventure that encapsulates the true essence of island living, where your vehicle is handled with meticulous care on its journey to or from the enchanting Hawaiian islands.

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Hawaii to Idaho

3,000 miles 8 - 10 days Quote

Hawaii to Wyoming

3,200 miles 8 - 10 days Quote

Hawaii to Vermont

5,000 miles 12 - 14 days Quote

Hawaii to Nebraska

4,100 miles 10 - 12 days Quote

Hawaii to Maine

5,200 miles 14 - 16 days Quote

Hawaii to West Virginia

4,900 miles 12 - 15 days Quote

Hawaii to New Mexico

3,400 miles 9 - 11 days Quote

Hawaii to North Dakota

4,500 miles 11 - 13 days Quote

Hawaii to Alaska

2,800 miles 8 - 10 days Quote

Hawaii to South Dakota

4,400 miles 10 - 12 days Quote

Hawaii to Montana

4,600 miles 11 - 13 days Quote

Hawaii to Delaware

5,100 miles 13 - 15 days Quote

Hawaii to Rhode Island

5,300 miles 14 - 16 days Quote

Hawaii to Connecticut

5,200 miles 13 - 15 days Quote

Hawaii to Arkansas

4,000 miles 9 - 11 days Quote

Hawaii to Nevada

3,200 miles 8 - 10 days Quote

Hawaii to Utah

3,400 miles 9 - 11 days Quote

Hawaii to Iowa

4,600 miles 11 - 13 days Quote

Hawaii to Oklahoma

3,800 miles 10 - 12 days Quote

Hawaii to Hawaii

0 miles 1 day Quote

Hawaii to Wyoming

3,200 miles 8 - 10 days Quote

We are reliable partners for effortless car shipping to and from the tropical paradise of Hawaii! Whether you’re relocating within the islands or embarking on a Pacific-crossing adventure, rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands – be it a quick island hop or a long distance move.



Furthermore, our team’s familiarity with navigating these islands ensures a trustworthy and streamlined car transport process, particularly for short-distance moves. Additionally, when it comes to longer journeys, whether to the mainland or beyond, Amerigo combines precise logistics, a dependable fleet, and a 5-star service approach to ensure the secure and punctual delivery of your vehicle.


We offer personalized car shipping experiences crafted to meet your unique needs. We’re dedicated to making your journey to or from Hawaii smooth and stress-free, offering the professionalism and reliability you deserve. Mahalo for considering Amerigo Auto Transport!

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  • Complimentary Reservations: At Amerigo, we believe in transparency and prioritizing customer satisfaction, which is why we offer free reservations for all your Hawaii auto transport requirements.
  • Zero Upfront Deposit: In contrast to some companies, Amerigo eliminates the need for an upfront deposit. We value trust and reliability, ensuring that payment is only required once your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.
  • Secured Shipping: Your vehicle’s safety is our paramount concern. Amerigo guarantees secure transportation by placing your vehicle in the belly of the ship, within its dedicated container, providing an additional layer of protection during the journey.
  • Convenient Door Delivery: We understand the importance of convenience. Amerigo provides door-to-door delivery services, streamlining the auto transport process for our Hawaii customers.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clarity in pricing is crucial. Amerigo takes pride in offering a transparent pricing structure without hidden fees, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your expenses.
  • Real-Time Status Updates: Stay informed throughout the process. Amerigo provides real-time updates on your vehicle’s transport status, offering peace of mind at every stage of the journey.
  • Special Discounts for Local Hawaiians: Amerigo values the local community and extends special discounts to our fellow Hawaiians, making our Hawaii auto transport services even more accessible.
  • Proficient Dispatch Team: Our dispatch team serves as the backbone of our operations. Amerigo boasts a skilled and experienced dispatch team dedicated to ensuring the smooth and efficient handling of your Hawaii auto transport.
  • Local Expertise: Recognizing the unique aspects of Hawaii shipping requires local expertise. Amerigo employs locals who comprehend the intricacies of shipping to and from Hawaii, providing a personalized touch to our services.

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Hawaii Car Shipping Kamaʻāina Discounts

Embracing the spirit of aloha, Amerigo Auto Transport is delighted to present exclusive Kama’aina discounts to our extended ohana in Hawaii. In the Hawaiian culture, “Kama’aina” symbolizes being a cherished child of the land, and our discounts are our way of giving back to the local community.


These special offers are crafted to express our gratitude and respect to the residents of Hawaii. We recognize the significance of supporting and engaging with the communities we are part of. By extending Kama’aina discounts, we aim to make our top-notch auto transport services even more accessible to the wonderful people who call Hawaii home. It’s a testament to our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and ensuring that our services reflect the aloha spirit that defines the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Mahalo for being part of the Amerigo ohana!

Hawaii Car Shipping Resources

Hawaii Car Shipping Guide

  1. Clean Your Vehicle: Ensure your car is thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out. This includes cleaning the interior, exterior, and undercarriage.

  2. Remove Personal Items: Take out all personal belongings from the car. Shipping companies generally don’t allow personal items in the vehicle during transportation.

  3. Document the Condition: Document the current condition of your car by taking photographs from various angles. This can serve as a reference in case of any discrepancies upon arrival.

  4. Check for Leaks: Inspect your vehicle for any leaks. Fixing any fluid leaks beforehand prevents potential damage to other vehicles during transit.

  5. Ensure Battery is Charged: Make sure your car’s battery is fully charged. A charged battery allows for easy loading and unloading during the shipping process.

  6. Check Tire Pressure: Ensure that all tires are properly inflated. Proper tire pressure is essential for the secure and stable transport of your vehicle.

  7. Disable Car Alarms: Disable any car alarms to avoid unnecessary disturbances during the shipping process.

  8. Fold in Mirrors: Fold in your car’s side mirrors to prevent any damage during the loading and unloading process.

  9. Secure Convertible Tops: If you have a convertible, ensure the top is securely fastened to prevent damage during transport.

  10. Check Fluid Levels: Verify that all essential fluid levels (oil, brake fluid, etc.) are at appropriate levels to ensure the vehicle’s smooth operation upon arrival.

  11. Empty Gas Tank to a Quarter Full: Most shipping companies recommend keeping the gas tank at a quarter full. This reduces weight and minimizes the risk of fuel leakage.

  12. Verify Quarantine Regulations: Check and comply with any quarantine regulations specific to Hawaii. Different regions may have varying requirements for incoming vehicles.

  13. Review Shipping Company Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines provided by the shipping company (Pasha or Matson). Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smoother shipping process.

  14. Provide Duplicate Keys: Prepare a spare set of keys for your vehicle. This ensures that the shipping company has access to the vehicle if needed.

  15. Windows: Ensure there are no cracks in the windows, providing a clear and undamaged view for the transportation process.

Common hawaii car shipping questions

Amerigo Auto Transport offers competitive pricing for Hawaii auto transport services, which can vary based on factors such as distance, vehicle size, and transport type. For accurate pricing, it’s recommended to request a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements.

The duration of Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport varies depending on factors like distance, shipping method, and scheduling. Typically, it can take approximately 2-4 weeks for your vehicle to reach its destination.

To arrange Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport, you’ll need essential paperwork such as proof of ownership (vehicle title), valid identification, and any additional documentation required by regulations or the transport company.

While it’s not mandatory, having someone available during pick-up for Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport can be beneficial to oversee the process and ensure the vehicle’s condition is documented.

A designated individual can receive your vehicle at the destination for Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport, provided they have the necessary authorization and documentation.

Specific preparations are recommended before shipping your vehicle to Hawaii with Amerigo Auto Transport. These include removing personal belongings, ensuring the vehicle is in good working condition, documenting any existing damage, and following guidelines provided by the transport company.

Insurance coverage is typically included in the cost of Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport, providing protection and peace of mind during transit.

While there are generally no specific restrictions on the type or condition of vehicles for Hawaii auto transport with Amerigo Auto Transport, it’s advisable to inquire about any unique circumstances or requirements.

To prepare your vehicle for shipping to Hawaii with Amerigo Auto Transport, ensure it has no more than a quarter tank of gas, clean both inside and out, remove all personal belongings, and ensure there are no cracks in the windows. Following these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free transport process.


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