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Local auto transport is a car shipping service thats in your area. When you need to move your car from one city or state to another is when local auto transport comes into play! Instead of driving the car yourself, you can hire Amerigo Auto Transport, who specializes in safely moving vehicles short or long distances.


We will get your vehicle picked up right from your doorstep or a location of your choice thats lawful and safe to do. It’s a convenient and stress-free way to move your car around locally. You can be relocating, selling your car, or just need it moved for any other reason. We can get it done in a fast, reliable, and safe door-to-door.

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Local Car Transport in the USA

  • Booking: Call us or go online to make a reservation. Reservations are free and require no deposit or downpayment.
  • Pickup Arrangement: We will schedule for a pick up date that suits you. We pick up at your door or as close and lawful as possible near your address.
  • Vehicle Inspection: Before loading your car, our drivers perform a thorough inspection. They document the car’s condition, ensuring any existing damages are noted.
  • Secure Loading: Using a car hauler trailer, your vehicle is carefully loaded and secured in place to prevent any movement during transport.
  • Safe Journey: The skilled carriers take over, navigating the route while ensuring your car remains safe and secure throughout the trip.
  • Delivery: Your car arrives at the designated drop-off point, whether it’s your new home, workplace, or another location you choose.
  • Unloading and Inspection: carriers unload your car and perform another inspection to ensure it’s in the same condition as when it was picked up.
  • Handover: your car is handed over to you. If there are any discrepancies, they’re addressed according to the agreed-upon terms that were given on the Bill of Lading

Local Car Transport Benefits

  • Saves You Time: No more driving your car across town, dealing with traffic, or wasting hours on the road. Local auto transport lets you focus on more important things while experts handle the transportation.
  • Less Stress: Leave the transporting to us. You won’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar routes or putting extra miles on your car.

  • Preserves Your Car: Skilled transport teams know how to handle vehicles safely. Your car will be loaded and secured properly to prevent any damage during car transport.

  • Convenience: Having your car delivered right to your doorstep or a chosen location is a favorable option. No need to coordinate rides or ask for favors – your car comes to you.

  • Options for Protection: Whether you choose an enclosed transport or open transport, you can select the level of protection that suits your car’s needs and your budget.

  • Professional Handling: Trained drivers ensure your vehicle is transported with care. They’re experienced in dealing with different types of cars and road conditions.

  • Online Reservaiton: Book a free reservation online in minutes. No deoposit or down payemnt required!

Local Car Transport Price

You know what you are paying for, But what does it cost? A lot of tangibles and variables go into pricing a move, Thats why we advise when inputting for a quote or calling, that you have all your ducks in a row so we’re not giving you incorrect or inaccurate information. Anyone can give you a bid or a price, But ultimately, You want to know what the live market price is, so you’re not duped or been put in a bait and switch situation. Lets go over some factories taken into consideration when pricing a Local Auto Transport:


  • Distance: Since it’s local, the distance isn’t too far, but it still matters. Longer distances within your city might cost a bit more than shorter ones.
  • Vehicle Type: The size, weight, and type of your vehicle can influence the cost. Larger or heavier vehicles might require specialized equipment, affecting the price.

  • Transport Type: Choosing between enclosed and open transport will also play a role. Enclosed transport provides more protection and might come with a slightly higher cost.

  • Urgency: Need your car moved quickly? Expedited services, which ensure faster transport, could come with an added cost.

  • Season and Demand: Prices might fluctuate based on the time of year and the demand for the service. Busier times could see slightly higher rates.

  • Additional Services: Some companies offer extras like door-to-door service, insurance coverage, or online tracking. These can impact the overall cost.

Reach out to Amerigo Auto Transport today to get a instant price and go over your scheduling needs.

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