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Motorhome Transport

Amerigo is your go-to solution when you need to relocate your motorhome without the hassle of driving it yourself. These rolling homes are quite a bit different from regular vehicles due to their size and weight. That’s where can assist with providing experienced drivers and carriers who specialize in handling motorhomes smoothly and safely.


We cater to various types of motorhomes. From luxurious Class A, the compact Class B, or the versatile Class C. You can rest assured that your motorhome will reach its destination safely and efficiently. 

Motorhome Transport Services

Door-to-Door Motorhome Transport

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Port-to-Door Motorhome Transport

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Long Distance Motorhome Transport

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Motorhome Transport to Campground

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Port-to-Port Motorhome Transport

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Cross-Country Motorhome Transport

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Motorhome Vehicle Delivery

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Local Motorhome Transport

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Reasons individuals and business use Amerigo to transport motorhomes:

Motorhome Transport Services
  • Local Moves: Need to move your motorhome within your city or nearby areas? We can accomodate moves 100 miles and up! 

  • Long-Distance Hauls: If your motorhome adventure is taking you far away, we can assist in moving your motorhome across states or even from coast to coast. 

  • Cross-Country Expeditions: Planning an epic cross-country move? We will guide your motorhome to its new location, leaving you to focus on the excitement of the journey.

  • Full-Time RV Living Transitions: Going from a stationary lifestyle to full-time RV living? Transitioning to a life on the road can involve moving your motorhome to its new base. 

  • Seasonal Moves: If you’re chasing the sun or embracing changing seasons, We can move your motorhome according to your preferred timing. Winter in the mountains and summer by the beach!

  • Emergency Transport: Life can be unpredictable, right? We can do ASAP pick-ups when you need to move your motorhome urgently due to unexpected circumstances.

  • Dealer-to-Owner Deliveries: Just bought a brand-new motorhome from a dealer across the state? We have services that’ll handle the journey, ensuring your new investment arrives in tip-top shape.

  • Snowbird Migration: When winter hits, some folks become snowbirds, heading south for warmer weather. We are pros at helping you make that seasonal migration with ease.

  • Film and Event Shoots: If your motorhome is part of a movie or event setup, We can make sure it gets to the filming location or event site in prime condition.

  • Mobile Business Relocations: Operating a mobile business out of your motorhome? We move your business-on-wheels to different locations, making sure you’re ready to serve wherever you go.

  • Retirement Community Moves: Transitioning to a retirement community with your motorhome? Amerigo will make sure your home on wheels is moved smoothly to your new retirement destination.

  • Vintage Motorhome Restoration: If you’re restoring a vintage motorhome and need it transported to a workshop or restoration specialist, We will handle the move with care.

  • Exhibition and Show Transports: Participating in an RV show or exhibition? Amerigo will ensure your motorhome arrives at the event and ready to be showcased.

  • Mobile Medical Clinic Moves: For those using motorhomes as mobile medical clinics, we transport your motorhome with no issues and get it set up where you need it!

  • Business Relocations: Moving your motorhome-based business to a new location? Amerigo will make sure we have you ready to go and deliver your motorhome from A to B!

  • Temporary Storage Moves: Need to move your motorhome from temporary storage to a campsite or vacation spot? We can make this move easy without worrying about coordinating on both ends. 

  • Rally and Event Transports: If you’re attending an RV rally or event, We will get your motorhome to the gathering, so you can join in on the fun without worrying about the journey.

Motorhome Transport Cost

Motorhome Transport Companies

Motorhome Transport services can be influenced by various factors. Distance, The size, and type of motorhome matters. Bigger rigs might require extra considerations, equipment, planning and permits that will affect the cost. Geography also is a big factor. Where you are located or going to and from matters. If your route has a lot of movement then prices are competitive. If you are going to and from not very busy locations, This could increase the pricing. Also, Peak seasons might come with higher prices, so planning your move strategically could save you some money and avoid delays in your transport.


The average cost for motorhome transport can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars based on some of the above variables. However, this can shift based on your specific circumstances. For a more precise quote, it’s best to submit a quote above or cll us directly for your specific needs. That way, we can go over all of these variables and give you a live market price that will help you make a decision and and make a reservation easily.

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