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RoadRunner Auto Transport Reviews (2024)

Road Runner Auto Transport: The Good, The Bad, and What Customers Are Saying


Road Runner Auto Transport is a prominent name in the vehicle shipping industry. With a significant presence due to their aggressive marketing strategies, they have built a business that manages to ship a high volume of vehicles across the country. However, while there are some notable advantages to using their services, there are also several significant concerns that potential customers should be aware of.


Pros of Road Runner Auto Transport


1. High Volume of Business: Road Runner Auto Transport handles a large volume of shipments daily. Their extensive marketing efforts ensure they have a steady stream of business, which can sometimes work to their advantage in securing carriers and ensuring cars are moved efficiently.


2. Own Dispatch Team: Road Runner boasts an in-house dispatch team that manages hundreds of vehicles at a time. This internal coordination can lead to more efficient logistics and potentially faster shipment times, providing customers with a quicker turnaround.


3. Extensive Carrier Network: The company works with a wide network of carriers, giving them flexibility in arranging transportation for various types of vehicles. This broad network can be beneficial in finding available carriers even during peak seasons.


4. Competitive Rates: Due to their high volume and marketing reach, Road Runner can often secure competitive rates from carriers. This cost efficiency can sometimes be passed on to customers, making their quotes attractive.


5. Marketing Reach: Their aggressive marketing ensures they are a well-known name in the industry. This recognition can be reassuring to some customers, knowing they are dealing with a company that has a significant presence in the market.

Cons of Road Runner Auto Transport

Despite these advantages, there are several critical areas where Road Runner Auto Transport falls short, according to numerous customer reviews.


1. Poor Communication: One of the most frequent complaints is about poor communication. Many customers report that after booking their transport, they struggle to get in touch with the company. Calls go unanswered, emails are ignored, and customers are left in the dark about the status of their vehicle shipment. This lack of communication creates a significant amount of stress and uncertainty for customers.


2. Bait and Switch Tactics: Another common issue is the practice of bait and switch. Customers are initially attracted by low quotes, only to have the price increased after booking. This unethical practice leaves customers feeling deceived and trapped, as they often need to ship their vehicle on short notice and have already invested time and effort into the booking process.


3. Customer Service Woes: Customer service is another major area of concern. Reviews frequently mention rude and unhelpful customer service representatives. Many customers feel that once Road Runner has secured their booking, they no longer prioritize customer satisfaction. This attitude is reflected in the way complaints and issues are handled, with many customers reporting that their concerns were dismissed or ignored.


Live Feed of Customer Reviews


Customer John D. on Yelp: “I booked with Road Runner because their quote was the lowest. But after I booked, I couldn’t get anyone on the phone. They didn’t show up on the scheduled pickup day, and my calls went unanswered.”


Sarah M. on BBB: “They increased the price after I had already booked and paid a deposit. This is a classic bait-and-switch tactic. When I tried to get a refund, customer service was rude and unhelpful.”


Google Review by Tim L.: “My car was eventually delivered, but not without a lot of stress.

 Communication was horrible, and they kept bumping the pickup date. I wouldn’t recommend them.”

These reviews reflect a pattern of issues that many customers face with Road Runner Auto Transport.


BBB, Yelp, and Google Ratings

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Road Runner Auto Transport has numerous complaints filed against them, with an overall low rating. The complaints range from poor customer service to pricing issues and delayed deliveries.
  • Yelp: The company has a mixed rating on Yelp, with a significant number of one-star reviews. Customers frequently mention poor communication and bait-and-switch pricing.
  • Google: Reviews on Google reflect similar issues, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction with the overall service and many customers happy with their experience.
Final Thoughts

While Road Runner Auto Transport does manage to move a large number of vehicles efficiently thanks to their volume of business, extensive carrier network, and internal dispatch team, the numerous complaints about their communication, customer service, and bait-and-switch pricing tactics are significant red flags. For potential customers, it’s important to weigh these factors carefully. Consider the experiences of past customers and approach with caution. If you decide to book with Road Runner, ensure you have clear, written agreements about pricing and delivery dates, and be prepared for potential communication challenges.


Choosing a reliable auto transport company is crucial, and while Road Runner Auto Transport might come up in your search due to their heavy marketing, it’s essential to look beyond the surface and understand what past customers are saying before making your decision.

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