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Sometimes people buy or sell RVs, and they might not have the time drive them state to state or across the country. At Amerigo, We have specialized RV Trasport services that accomodate all over the USA. We have transported all sizes of all shapes and sized, and delivered them right to our clients door.


We offer a hassle-free approach. Picking a date is easy, reservations require no deposit, and we deliver to your door or as close as possible to it. Our dispatch team has all available options for your transport needs. We get a carrier assigned to your route when you need it. The price your quoted at is a live market price, so you always know what you’re going to be paying from the beginning. No bait and switches.


RV Transport with Amerigo Auto Transport is an experience you’ll be thankful for. We are the leaders of shipping oversized vehicles and trailers. We can assure you that our carriers are insured and bonded through the Department of Transportation. 

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Amerigo Auto Transport is a renowned provider of transportation solutions, boasting a wide array of options for RV transport. With their expertise and dedication, they offer a seamless experience for customers looking to move their recreational vehicles across various distances. Whether it’s a small camper or a large motorhome, Amerigo Auto Transport ensures safe and reliable transportation, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Their comprehensive range of services includes interstate RV transport, cross-country hauling, and even international shipping, making them a trusted choice for RV owners seeking efficient and hassle-free transport solutions.

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The Benefits of Using RV Transport Companies

  • Convenience on Wheels:  No need to worry about driving long distances or taking time off work for a road trip. With our RV transport service, your RV can reach your destination when you need it. 

  • Time and Energy Saver: You can skip the hours on the road and avoid the fatigue of long drives. We will get it to you on a efficient turn around time.
  • Vehicle Protection: Our carriers are insured through the DOT ( Department of Transportation ) so you don’t have to worry about your RV being insured during transport.
  • Expert Handling: Just like having a skilled chauffeur for your precious RV. Professional transporters are experienced in moving various types of RVs, ensuring safe loading, secure transportation, and careful unloading.
  • Minimized Wear and Tear: This option puts less milage on your RV. In return, Your keeping equity in the RV, Not having to invest in maintenance considering how expensive it can get.
  • Flexible Options: We have year-round availability to transport an RV. We can work based on your schedule that you advise us and come up with the best solution to get your RV when you need it out be.  
  • Versatility: We offer different methods on transporting and will offer the option that is always best for your needs. We will align you with a carrier who’s suitable for your RV size and locations that it goes to and from.
  • Time Optimization: No need to wait around for your RV to get picked up for weeks, We will get your RV picked up when you need it. Our dispatch coordinates and assigns carriers around-the-clock so you don’t have to worry about major delays.

The Best RV Transport Quotes

So, when it comes to transporting an RV, the cost can vary quite a bit depending on a bunch of factors and variables. We make sure to include all of those in your cost so you know exactly what you are paying. This is not a random bid.  kind of like planning a road trip – lots of things to consider!


First off, the size and type of your RV play a big role. You’ve got everything from compact camper vans to massive motorhomes. Bigger ones might need special permits, and they can also impact the cost since they take up more space and might require more fuel. Smaller ones might not need permits, but they take up space and that is part of what you are paying for. 


Distance is a big factor as well. Just like with any journey, the farther you go, the more it might cost. Think about fuel, tolls, and maybe even accommodations for the driver if it’s a really long haul. Carriers also have limited amount of miles they can drive per day as they are electronically monitored. This is all factored into the cost. 


Time of year matters too. If you look at airlines or hotels, You’ll notice certain times of year are more expensive than others, The same goes with transportation. Same thing with time, When flying, flights can get delayed and take a bit longer because a hiccup on the runaway or something else happened, This can happen during transport as well. Be mindful dates are estimates and sometimes, your RV can arrive sooner or later.

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