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Top 10 States To Ship A Car To

Shipping a car is not an easy task, Especially when it involves moving for work purposes, military, family, or even just for recreation and change. We accomodate all types of vehicles for all types of clients taking all different walks of life. We have through and through done transports for family, friends and neighbors. We were able to gather information throughout the years and be able to see what states some of our clients were mainly moving and to and form. We compiled a list below to go over the top-10 moving destinations right now in the USA!

The Sunshine State - Florida

Whether it’s the allure of palm-fringed beaches or the siren call of Mickey Mouse, Florida’s vibrant culture and favorable weather have turned it into a car shipping hotspot. From retirees seeking their own slice of paradise to families chasing the magic of Disney, the Sunshine State beckons with open arms. Learn more about Florida Auto Transport and why the snow bird route is so popular!

The Empire State - New York

The bright lights of the Big Apple and the endless avenues of opportunity have made New York a magnet for car transport. Urban adventurers and job seekers flock to this bustling state, bringing their trusty rides along for the ride. Learn more about New York Auto Transport and the states rich history!


The Golden State - California

From the glitz of Hollywood to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, California’s diverse attractions have made it a perennial favorite. Car shipping to the West Coast is a no-brainer for dreamers chasing fame, tech innovators seeking their big break, and beach lovers basking in the California sun. Learn more about California Auto Transport and the vibes it offers!


The Lone Star State - Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes its popularity as a car shipping destination. People from many walks of life have been pulled to the Lone Star State by its rising economy and expanding cities, from professionals looking for employment possibilities to families drawn by the allure of southern living. Learn more about Texas Auto Transport and why its offers the American Dream!

The Centennial State - Colorado

Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers have cast their sights on Colorado’s rugged beauty. For people seeking an active and picturesque lifestyle, shipping a car to this state is essential because of the Rocky Mountains and outdoor leisure options. Learn more about Colorado Auto Transport and the beautiful outdoor nature!

The Grand Canyon State - Arizona

The allure of the iconic Grand Canyon and the southwestern mystique of Arizona have turned it into a car transport hub. Retirement residents, snowbirds, and nature enthusiasts all ship cars to Arizona because the state’s desert scenery offers a special fusion of serenity and excitement. Learn more about Arizona Auto Transport and the Valley heat!

The Tar Heel State - North Carolina

From the vibrant city life of Charlotte to the serene charm of Asheville, North Carolina offers a diverse range of experiences. Car shipping to this state is on the rise as people chase job opportunities, cultural enrichment, and the laid-back Southern lifestyle. Learn more about North Carolina Auto Transport and the rich history it has to offer!

The Beaver State - Oregon

The Pacific Northwest’s captivating landscapes and eco-conscious culture have made Oregon a hot pick for car shipping. For its distinctive fusion of unspoiled wilderness and stylish urban living, eco-conscious people, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who enjoy artisanal experiences flock to this state. Learn more about Oregon Auto Transport and the lush forests!

The Bayou State - Louisiana

Louisiana’s rich history, distinct cuisine, and vibrant music scene draw in those seeking a taste of Southern hospitality and culture. Car shipping to Louisiana is a popular choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the unique blend of French, Spanish, and American influences all over the state. Learn more about Louisiana Auto Transport and the amazing cuisine it offers!

The Peach State - Georgia

From the bustling city life of Atlanta to the historic charm of Savannah, Georgia offers a delightful fusion of old and new. The Peach State’s varied offers appeal to job seekers, history buffs, and music lovers. Auto Transport becomes an essential need when the path of life takes us to new beginnings and uncharted landscapes. Whether you’re chasing the allure of sun-soaked beaches, the thrill of urban excitement, or the tranquility of nature’s embrace, the top 10 car shipping destinations in the USA have something to offer everyone. While you get ready for your next journey, keep in mind that car shipping is about opening the door to a world of possibilities while bringing your dependable vehicle along for the ride. Learn more about Georgia Auto Transport and the amazing sweet Tea they make!


Roads leading to these well-known locations are as different as the individuals who use them. From the glittering towers of New York to the white sands of Florida, Or the pacific Coast of California up to the beautiful scenery of Washington. Every state you travel to or from carries a distinct promise that resonates with us. We are able to explore, experience, and forge lifelong memories thanks to auto transporters shipping your car. Don’t hesitate to take the chance you’ve always wanted to take!



So keep in mind that car shipping isn’t simply a sensible option—it’s an exhilarating gateway to the uncharted, whether you’re a wanderer seeking new horizons or a dreamer pursuing fresh prospects. Let your reliable auto transport company be your constant friend as you set off on your journey, guiding you through the curves and turns of the open road.



So fasten your seatbelt and look ahead; the road lies in wait to be traveled. You’re prepared to go on a trek that offers adventure, growth, and the thrill of the unknown using the top 10 vehicle shipping destinations as your guide. Happy travels!

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