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Tow Dolly Vs Auto Transport: Why Auto Transport Works:

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Auto Transport State to State

When faced with the task of relocating across the USA, the decision between shipping your car via auto transport or utilizing a tow dolly for the journey is a pivotal one. Understanding these elements will help you make a decision that fits your needs, preferences and situation. We’ll examine the advantages of hiring an auto transport company vs the factors to take into account while using a tow dolly.


The Pros of Shipping a Car via Auto Transport:


Time and Convenience: Opting for auto transport allows you to focus on other aspects of your move, as your car is transported separately. This is especially valuable when time is of the essence.


Reduced Wear and Tear: Long-distance drives using a tow dolly can result in significant wear and tear on your vehicle. Auto transport ensures your car arrives in the same condition it was loaded, without accumulating unnecessary mileage.


Safety and Security:

Auto transport carriers are designed to protect your vehicle during transportation, protecting it from road debris, weather conditions, and potential accidents.



Auto transport services offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Whether you require urgent transportation or prefer a specific delivery date, auto transport companies can tailor their services accordingly.



Contrary to common belief, auto transport can often be more cost-effective than using a tow dolly. Consider expenses such as fuel, potential lodging, meals, and wear on your vehicle when calculating the total cost of driving.


The Pros and Cons of Using a Tow Dolly:



Control Over the Journey:

Using a tow dolly provides you with more control over your travel experience. You can determine the route, make stops as needed, and experience the journey firsthand.


Cost Savings: If you’re comfortable with long drives, using a tow dolly can save you the expense of hiring an auto transport service.


Transporting Personal Belongings:

With your vehicle in tow, you have the space to transport personal belongings or additional items alongside your car.



Time and Fatigue:

hours of driving can lead to physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, impacting your well-being and safety on the road.


Vehicle Wear and Tear:

Using a tow dolly puts stress on your vehicle, potentially leading to mechanical issues, tire wear, and the need for maintenance post-trip.


Weather and Road Conditions:

Unpredictable weather and road conditions can disrupt your travel plans and add unexpected challenges to your cross country move. Sometimes, Its not worth the risk.


Limited Mobility:

Once you’ve set up your vehicle on the tow dolly, your mobility is restricted, making it less convenient for stopping or exploring along the way.

Making Your Decision:


Auto Transport Services Near Me and Tow Dolly Considerations:


As you weigh the options between auto transport services and using a tow dolly, consider your personal preferences, timeline, budget, and overall convenience. If you’re searching for local auto transport services, looking up “auto transport near me” can help you identify reputable providers in your area. On the other hand, if you relish the idea of a cross-country road trip and value the control it provides, using a tow dolly might be appealing. Opting for auto transport can deliver a smoother, more stress-free transition, while using a tow dolly grants you the adventure of a road trip.

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